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My latest exhibition is coming up, finalising the last few paintings, time to paint all the egdes then let dry & varnish, time to send out some emails and put the word out! I'm looking forward to hanging works in the same venue, on the same walls again, with a very similar theme, 11 years after the last time I did it !!



Exhibition opening
Thursday 7th July - 6:30pm
Little Creatures Brewery - 40 Mews Road Fremantle

An exhibition of new small format oils by Award Winning painter BEN SHERAR
On display at Little Creatures Brewery, 40 Mews Road Fremantle
7th July - 4th August - Venue open 10am - 12am daily

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For the past few months I've been regularly painting my way around the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia with fellow oil painter Peter Barker
We've put up a new website documenting what looks to be a year long project at least - follow the journey at: !

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I've got a number of small still lifes up on eBay for auction, get in quick to scoop one up!

Click the image to go to my eBay!

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Time to start making room in the studio - I've just put up these few small ones on eBay for auction, click the image to go through to check em out!

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With the ending of my latest lease my residency in the Fremantle Town Hall is at an end, a big thankyou to City of Fremantle for granting use of the heritage listed building as an art studio, and a big thankyou to all the wonderful people I met throughout my time in such a great location

I'll still be in town regularly - time to hit the streets with my pochade box, on to bigger and better things!

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My latest show, a collection of new nightscapes that I've been working on late into the nights..

Gallery Hours - Thursday to Sunday 11-5

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I've finally moved the home studio into the loungeroom - no more painting in the cold! more space!
and a couch to sit back on and analyse the latest mistakes !!

I still need to build a big wall easel and a better taboret, but it's a good start - really making it easier to finish the paintings for the show...

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another small skull study, this ones a little bigger, oil on Hungarian hemp this time hence the rougher texture

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a little quick skull study I did a week ago for something different..

8x10" oil on linen

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Beer number 16 in my 99 paintings of bottles of beer series - Carlsberg.
Brewed by Danish company Carlsberg Group, the beer is named after the founder J.C. Jacobsen's son Carl, and was founded in 1847

Ready to go, palette a mess from the last one...

up to 13 colours?! oh - I needed the red for the logo, yeah that's my excuse..

Painting video! :

wow, "only" 83 to go...

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