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another small skull study, this ones a little bigger, oil on Hungarian hemp this time hence the rougher texture

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a little quick skull study I did a week ago for something different..

8x10" oil on linen

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Here's a couple small still life pieces I did on brown onions and garlic last week, put em up on ebay & sold already, maybe I should do more...

'Onion and garlic'
Oil on Tasmanian oak panel

'Brown onion and garlic'
Oil on Tasmanian oak panel

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Looks like I've finished another one for the upcoming show :

Three to go now, lucky the Dragonfruit just ripened ...

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Here's fridays effort :

still a long way from finished on that one - I need to do a bit of glazing and retouching.
Definitely need a couple of glazes on the fish flesh, although these came out of the freezer - maybe that's why the flesh is a bit pale.

Usually I just pull them straight out of the tank, cut their heads off, then straight in the smoker ( that's my fish smoker in the picture aswell, and the trout-head knife that I made to cut off trout heads )

Then I started another one, this time some lemons ( yes that's a hammer, and yes it's a play on "make lemonade" )

after this it's only three more to paint for the solo show ( and three weeks till delivery, and 6 weeks till the opening night ! ), then I can get back to drinking beer and watching b-grade sci-fi movies, er I mean painting seascapes ..

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I managed to get these two pretty much finished last night, with the exception of the wording on the packet of matches - have to wait for that red coat to dry first

so these ones can go in the "close enough to finished" pile,
on to the next one

8 to go then I can paint a landscape for a change !

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Here's what I was up to today - I think this one is finished.
The photo doesnt really capture it, as usual, and they really always need varnish to make them pop

it could use a bit more polishing but I'm going to move on, get the other 10 done then finish off all of them in the last week leading up to the show - it'll feel like I'm getting more done ( which I will be ) and bring more of them closer to completion sooner, which I'm hoping will give me more time to tweak them all a little bit.

On to the next piece !

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Another painting video !

Oil painting time lapse - still life "Old brass... by Bensherar

This one jumps a bit at one point - one of the clips was corrupted when I was editing it.
I realize my hand gets in the way of the camera a fair bit, it's hard not to though with such a small board to paint on

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Here's another one of a beer can, this time it's a Guinness !

Oil painting demo - Still life of a Guinness... by Bensherar

this one is on canvas board, most of these small still lifes I start with a white background, but this was a leftover board that was already primed

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Here's another one, I'm slowly getting all of these uploaded

Still life oil painting demo - Pumpkin by Ben... by Bensherar

another pumpkin,the resolution isn't that great on this video cause I had to crop it a fair bit

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