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Here's three little paintings I did last night in a row of the good old classic lego spacemen!
All three are oils on triple-primed chunk of Tasmanian oak, around 25cm tall each, a nice size to work all quick and painterly.
They're all up for sale on ebay, framed and ready to go...

Click image for the eBay auction

Sold, thanks Jon!

Click image for the eBay auction

More to come!!

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I've finally gotten around to doing some more of the little 30x20cm lego spaceman paintings. Oil on aluminium panel again

Gerald the spaceman got a call form base - spaceman Gary hasn't checked in for a while, better go check on him...

Off he goes in his 6801 model

Oh no! Gerald has found the body of asphyxiated spaceman Gary.
Gary noooooo!

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I did these three little paintings (30x20cm) last night of a classic lego spaceman.
Oils on aluminium panel and I used the shadow box to get the lighting right on the figure.

This is Gary the spaceman, fresh out of space school and ready to explore

Oh no, he has a problem with his air tank...

Check your oxygen tank before you leave the base, Gary.

I'm going to do a series of these, once I've got a few more they will be available at auction on eBay.
I'll change this post with links to the auctions once they're up.

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Three new duck paintings, all oils on hemp, 27.5 x 33.5cm

'Blue buddy'

available in the store here

'In the limelight'

available in the store here


available in the store here

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almost done on this one, just need to finish the floor bit

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80 x 90cm, this ones going to be bright magenta and yellow

Once I've drawn these in I tend to use the white backgrounds around the ducks to clean my brushes while I'm working on other paintings. It makes it much easier to block in the dark backgrounds later on

I also clean my brushes on everything else in sight ...

The bright blue on this duck is hand-ground Cobalt blue, it doesnt show up in the shot so much but it looks almost electric there's so much pigment load in it

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Here's an almost-finished duck painting done as a commission for a wonderful couple who had these two plastic ducks at their wedding recently

just a few more touches then a varnish to even out the gloss

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4 new ducks finished for emerge ART SPACE, all 4 available through them for purchase

'Pink Parade', 45 x 55cm

oils on hemp, $900

'Rendezvous', 45 x 55cm

oils on hemp, $900

'Pursuit', 33 x 42cm

oils on hemp, $600

'Loitering', 33 x 42cm

oils on hemp, $600

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Just finished the latest Duck painting

Oils on canvas, 90 x 80cm

this ones available for sale in the store : Four Ducks

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A small commission I did last week , was for a wedding present

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