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Just to see if I can do it!
Here's some progress shots on the big horse painting I've been working on in the studio - 1.25m x 1.65m, oils on linen

First the red oxide tint to the linen, all ready to go on the easel :

After drawing it up I started work on the muscle shapes :

More work on the muscles and adding some different colour in the coat :

A bit of work on the sheen :

More glazes and work on the background / sky :

Almost there! hopefully one or two more glazes then some highlights and it'll be done

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Shots of three new small nightscapes I've started, for an upcoming show in September (exact dates to be decided)

All 40x30cm, oils on linen

Above and below started in one night

There's still atleast one more pass on all three, maybe a bit more tweaking here and there.
More to come...

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Another small portrait, this time with a few progress shots..

pour my beer!!

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here's a shot of another small night scene I've started

The concrete is almost there, but the rest is only half done,
Time to let it dry before I start the next coat and the glazing.

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Here's some work on three new night scenes from the last few weeks :

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A new night scene on the big easel, finally !

This is just the underpainting really, blocking it in to get all the shapes in the right place, it's fun working a bit differently to the usual way I construct a painting.
(That's one of the little studies that I did a few weeks ago sitting above it on the easel for reference)

I pushed it a little more blue than in the study, but I think I've decided to push it back closer to the brown/pink/grey in the study (a bit hard to see colours properly in these little images on screen).

This is the second one in a body of work that's going in a joint exhibition with fellow oil painter Andy Kent,
We're aiming for somewhere around April for the show, but the decision on the date is way off at the moment - we just need to enjoy painting the pieces at this stage !

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Another shot of the painting of Freshwater Bay :

I've done a fair bit of work on the water and sand in the last few days, it's almost there!

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another shot of the painting of Freshwater bay :

I've done alot more work on the sailboats and background to the left, a bit hard to see in this shot

Now, time for the fun part, all that water and reflections !!

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Here's a couple shots of the start of a new commission I've been asked to do as a private schools gift to their retiring Principal :

It depicts Freshwater Bay in Mosman Park

It's nice to be doing a piece at night in the studio at home - a bit different to the painting time in the busy Fremantle studio!

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Another shot of the progress from the past few days in the studio of the new night painting :

Most of it is there, time for a lot of glazing once it's dry enough

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