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With the ending of my latest lease my residency in the Fremantle Town Hall is at an end, a big thankyou to City of Fremantle for granting use of the heritage listed building as an art studio, and a big thankyou to all the wonderful people I met throughout my time in such a great location

I'll still be in town regularly - time to hit the streets with my pochade box, on to bigger and better things!

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This coming weekend - Friday 14th - Sunday 16th I will be exhibiting at "Art in the Valley"
510 Great Northern Highway, Middle Swan

80 artworks from loads of different artists will be on display & for sale

I will also be on site doing painting demonstrations 11-4 Friday and Saturday, with a special one on the Saturday being me, Peter Barker and Shirley Winstanley doing a 3-way portrait session !

I will have more of my handmade canvasses available for sale plus credit card facilities

And it's right next door to my friends at the Great Northern Distillery, home of the Kimberley Rum Company who make CANEFIRE and BackBurn Rum, YUM !

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I'm now offering my services as an Artists canvas maker :

click the image to go to the Artists Services page

quick, get your order in before my compressor explodes again !

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I am now offering A-Frame artists easels made from solid Meranti hardwood

Suitable for use as a working easel or great for displaying work

Click the image to go to the Artist Services page !!

With an adjustable canvas bench, these easels are suitable as a first easel, an everyday workhorse, or a great xmas present !

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First door to the left of the clocktower is my new studio !!

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I've almost finished moving all of my gear into my new studio !
Somehow I managed to secure a lease of a space in a prime location right in the heart of Fremantle - in the Town Hall building itself !

I just spent my first day painting in there and the atmosphere is great, lots of people coming and going, lots of passing traffic

This Thursday - Sunday I'm going to try and be there as much as I can to get a feel for what the busy times are.
Still a lot to do to get the space set up properly - I need to get some better lighting, a dropsheet for behind my easels to protect the heritage paintjob on the walls, and maybe a chaise lounge, and a rug to tie the room together

I don't have any set opening times, but if you're heading down to Fremanlte and want to come and take a look, please use the contact button to let me know and I'll make sure the studio is open.

I'm super excited to have such a great space to work in, it's much bigger than my little studio at home and the exposure is going to be brilliant.
If there's anyone from City of Fremantle reading this - Thanks heaps !

I'm currently working on a bunch of little paintings of Fremantle and intend to have an official opening somewhere around the start of July,
details to follow soon

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The exhibition at emerge Art Space is over, thanks to everyone who went in and checked it out !

A number of works are still available for sale, some I have with me, some in the gallery's stockroom.
You can still view all the works from the show here :
'Subject Matters'

Big news is on the way, I'll post something about it once I've got some photos of the space ( is that a dead giveaway ? )

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I'm currently in the process of moving the site to a new host and as such a few things aren't working at the moment,
everything should be back to normal in a few days

thanks for your patience, check back soon !

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I've recently compiled some of the images from the still life series into a small format book, that is now available for sale via !

Click the image to go to the store and check out the preview !

the book is available in softcover, hardcover with dust jacket, and hardcover with image wrap, and any of the three versions make a great christmas present !!

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3 new painting videos uploaded to Youtube and 21 new eBay auctions all in one day !

The new videos are more from the lot I did when I was working on the pieces for the backyard show, there's still a few more to edit but I'm slowly getting there.


I've decided also to list a few from the backyard show n eBay to see how they go, and hopefully to make up for the dismal turnout at this years backyard show ( again, a big thankyou to everyone who made it despite the hail ! )


Hopefully I get all the views from my Youtube videos clicking across to the auctions, and all the auctions clicking across to the videos, then ultimately more people ending up here ! Which will encourage me to post more of this interesting stuff for you to look at !!

Dont forget to show your friends, these small paintings make great christmas gifts !

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