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I fiddled around with this one a bit more and took a better photo :

The dog looks better now that it's in the shadow a bit more & I neatened up some of the lines on the buildings.
All done ready for varnish and a frame

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Finally found time to upload a shot of the finished piece :

The new owners of this big one we're super happy with it and I managed to get it done just in time to have on the wall for their xmas party !

A fair few late nights and alot of work but it's all worth it once it's hung, I'll get a shot of it on the wall soon

A nice big finish to the years painting !

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My entry for the 2012 City of Belmont Art Award :

Just finished and framed, due to be delivered in two days, I hope it's dry in time !

'On Tomato Lake'

Oils on rough hungarian hemp

Still needs varnish before I fix it in the frame, which will bring out the colours more

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It's finally finished !

Update :

This piece got selected as one of the 30 finalists to be in this years Black Swan Perth Heritage Prize !!

details to follow closer to the date of the show

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Here's a small commission I've just finished today for a family who are moving back to Japan - the park in this painting is down the street from their house here in Perth

Oils on hemp

22 x 31.5cm

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Here's the new one of Point Walter, finally in the frame :

this was my entry for this years Melville Art Awards, lost to some junk I can't remember, probably blobs and swirls on a cheap ArtShit canvas


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looks like I've finished the one for this years Melville Art Awards

oils on hungarian hemp,

36 x 85cm

now for the frame

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looks like this ones about finished, the photo doesnt really do it justice.

Still needs varnish to really bring out the good bits

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'A pint and a yarn'

40 x 19.5cm,

oils on hemp

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Here's a new small one :

Old Shanghai food hall in Fremantle

oils on hemp, 20 x 17.5cm

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