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Another small one I did recently is up for auction now on eBay, this one is a little study of one of the spots I recently went painting en plein air, on the Swan River in Perth W.A.
I think this was in Mosman Park somewhere..

Framed, varnished and ready to hang, click the images to go to the Auction page

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This small one I did recently of Florence Falls, in the Northern Territory's Lithcfield National park is up for auction on eBay :

Framed, varnished and ready to hang, click the images to go to the Auction page

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Here's the finished commission piece that I've been working on lately :

'Morning light, Freshwater bay'
oils on linen 2014

clients are very happy !

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I've finally gotten around to uploading the finished shot of the big Point Walter painting I've been working on ( though I only finished it last week )

'Day's end, Point Walter'
oils on linen, 2013
100 x 200cm
Contact to enquire

this little photo doesnt really do justice to all the detail in the original, it's so big
Best to view it in the studio - Thursdays - Sundays 11 - 4
bring your chequebook !

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here's the same two after a solid days work.

Two views of Lake Joondalup late afternoon

( I don't paint them on top of each other like this , that's just for the photo )

still a bit more to go, then i can get stuck into the remaining exhibition pieces for the show in October

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Here's three new small landscapes

'Swanning around'


'Point Walter shade'


'Moored at Rottnest'


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Here's the finished piece, just need to varnish and frame


The wonderful City of Melville purchased this piece for their collection on the night of the Melville Art Awards this weekend,

I'm really happy that it's going to join another of my paintings that they purchased a couple years ago, hopefully they'll hang together !

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Another done . Overlooking the Swan river and the port in the distance

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another finished . Sunset on the harbour

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