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Here's a little painting I've been working on of the jetty at Coogee beach :

'Coogee Lifesaver'
Oils on linen

It needs to dry before I can varnish it, but this one will be for sale (I might use it to test out ebay).
Use the contact link top right if you're interested in purchasing this piece.

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I think I've finally finished the big one of the sunset over the rocks at the south end of Gnarabup beach, Margaret River :

I added in the kids playing in the rocks near the shore & now it's up on the wall in the studio drying,
I won't know if it's finished until I'm ready to varnish it - might oil it out first to see how it'll look when varnished then touch up bits if necessary.

It's a bit hard to get a real impression of what this one looks like in such a small photo - it's another pretty big canvas !

Untitled so far but I'll add it here when I change that

Oils on rough Hungarian hemp, rabbit skin glued and double oil primed
( like anyone cares )

110 x 160cm

Contact to enquire

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Here's a finished piece ( still needs varnish though ), this one took just under 80 hours to complete

'Man's first mate'
oils on linen, 2013
110 x 160cm
finally up on the wall in the studio and available for purchase,
Contact to enquire

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here's a new painting, a small version of a scene I've painted previously

22.5 x 33.5 cm

Oils on hemp

this ones SOLD, contact me if you're interested in the 1.3 x 1.8 metre version ....

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Here's the finished piece for this years Royal Show Art Award

'A day at the beach'

oils on canvas



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Here's a commission I recently finished , each of the two paintings is 110 x 130cm

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This ones finished ready for varnish

Another small one ready for the show .

The photo doesnt really show the colours in this painting no matter what lighting I try

34cm x 27.5cm

No title or price yet

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I finished this one yesterday & put it in the frame :

Oils on canvas board

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Here's a small one I finished today :

Untitled as yet , oil on canvas board

15cm x 15cm

for sale - $300

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I just finished this one

'Down to the beach'

oils on canvas , 64 x 118cm

on show and for sale at this years Perth Royal Show


(This piece is now SOLD)

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