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I've finally gotten around to finishing this small horse portrait :

I had a lot of fun doing this one today, it's a pity so much stuff kept getting in the way stopping me from getting around to working on it again.

30x40cm, oils on linen

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The sixth painting in my 99 bottles of beer series, another Aussie beer, this time it's a Crownie!

Crown Lager - originally made by Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), a subsidiary of Foster's Group.

The unique bottle shape and label was designed by Eveline Annie Harvey (1910 2008), a commercial artist working in Melbourne who was also responsible for many other well-known labels during the period.

Eveline produced the Crown Lager artwork at print size using only a single haired paintbrush, I'm not that patient..

I'm back up to 13 colours ( I used M.H. Ivory black too ).
I was being lazy - I could have done without atleast 2 of those browns - the Michael Harding Burnt Sienna and Old Holland Yellow Ochre Burnt are so close I think even Caravaggio can see my laziness (that ones for you Pete).
For the paint nerds reading this (there aren't any, I know), that Williamsburg "French Light Sienna" has an interesting greenish tinge when put against the right colours

Another painting video!

Cheers mate!
6 and counting, 93 to go....

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Another quick small portrait, I'm finally getting used to painting on the aluminium panel.
Even though they're double primed with oil prime the surface is slick but really absorbant, almost like a chalk ground.
A bit strange to paint on after linen.

I'll let this one dry then do another pass, not quite finished in one sitting - I can see some areas I want to fix up / work on more.
Make my coffee!

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Finally finished the four small paintings of the first 7 Eleven store in Western Australia :

The guys there commissioned these to give as gifts to some of the bosses of 7 Eleven when they visit next month, I hope the paintings go down as well as those Krispy Kreme donuts!

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Here's a little painting I've been working on of the jetty at Coogee beach :

'Coogee Lifesaver'
Oils on linen

It needs to dry before I can varnish it, but this one will be for sale (I might use it to test out ebay).
Use the contact link top right if you're interested in purchasing this piece.

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The fifth painting in my 99 bottles of beer series, finally an Australian beer!

This time it's Redback, from Matilda Bay Brewery here in Perth, Western Australia

Above is it set up ready to paint in the shadow box and below is the progress / painting video :

Back up to ten colours again, although the Old Holland Burnt Umber wasn't necessary and I don't think I used the LeFranc Transparent Indian Orange for anything except a little bit on the bottom on the crinkled paper bag.

Strewth, bloody 93 to go...
Cheers mate!

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I did these three little paintings (30x20cm) last night of a classic lego spaceman.
Oils on aluminium panel and I used the shadow box to get the lighting right on the figure.

This is Gary the spaceman, fresh out of space school and ready to explore

Oh no, he has a problem with his air tank...

Check your oxygen tank before you leave the base, Gary.

I'm going to do a series of these, once I've got a few more they will be available at auction on eBay.
I'll change this post with links to the auctions once they're up.

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here's a shot of another small night scene I've started

The concrete is almost there, but the rest is only half done,
Time to let it dry before I start the next coat and the glazing.

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On a trip down south to Denmark via Margaret River I got a chance to stop in at Boston Brewery - on the South Coast Highway just east of Denmark.

We got the taster tray of 6 beers & I decided to whip out the pochade box and have some fun while we tried the different beers

The very helpful girl that served us (didn't catch your name sorry) said this was the favourite - An Old German style Amber ale named "Alt Beer", so I decided to paint that :

This was a pretty quick one - about 40min, I had to hurry because the beer was getting warm!

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Beer number 4 in my 99 paintings of bottles of beer series - Beck's.

Beck's is the world's best selling German beer, sold in nearly 90 countries.

From Wikipedia :
Beck's Brewery is a German brewery in the northern German city of Bremen and the Beck's logo, a silver key on a red shield, is the mirror image of the coat of arms of Bremen. The first German beer company to use green bottles

Woohoo I cut it back down to 9 colours for this one, I managed to get rid of the oranges for this painting as the beer is a light cloudy yellow.
I'm going to run out of Genuine Viridian very quickly if I keep painting green bottles...

95 to go!

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