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Another competition piece, those who have been to my home studio have been getting really sick of seeing this unfinished, well here it is !

'Profit, Loss and the usage of Time'
oils on linen

There's so much that could be read into this painting, especially some stuff critical of the mining industry, but I'll leave it up to the astute viewer to figure out what it's really about

Yes this is the start of my surreal morbid existentialist phase, it's been lurking for a while and it's finally shown it's head,
or maybe I'll reserve this sort of stuff for competitions

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Here is a final shot of my entry for this years Black Swan Prize for Portraiture, Titled "The Fruit Seller"

Whether it gets into the competition or not, I painted this for myself and for all the people at the Mad Hatters Markets in Fremantle's Kings square,
I only knew Rick for one year, but we spent a hell of a lot of time together drinking beers, talking rubbish and playing pool ( I beat him twice in a row once, but only twice, and he never let me get away with it again ).

There was so much I didn't know about Rick but he was a real friend, always there to help anyone and everyone.
I finally got to know him better through all the stories that the market vendors would tell me as they came in to see the progress on my painting of "Our Ricky"

I'm still waiting for him to walk into the studio with his cackling laugh and tell me "Why don't you paint it better, I don't look like that !"

Cheers mate, we still miss you

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Well, I'm calling it finished so I can move on to the next one with only three weeks to go :

Three more paintings to go !!

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Another pass on the background for my "Priestess of Delphi" remake :

I also started the fire, that's going to be fun but a little difficult, lots of soft edges and smoke and glazes I think
The floor / background needs another glaze to darken it and make it look a little more dirty

It's hard to get a good photo of this one because some of the darks are sinking in a little, plus the studio lighting at home doesn't help my photography skills any

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Finally got around to finishing the background on this one, I'm juggling so many paintings at the moment !

Now it's time to do the next coat on the coat ( hah )

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Here is some more work on three of the last four for the upcoming exhibition :

Still alot of work on those three, the middle one is the most complete - just to do the paving and a few extra touches,
then one more painting, 3 weeks to go !!

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Now I have started the background on this one :

Another pass to glaze / darken the background and add a little detail, then I will know where I need to do make changes on the figure

The last part will be the fire in the foreground - the fun part !

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Here's the latest small portrait after the third pass :

One more sitting to go and I think it will be finished.
This chalk ground really needs varnish to show up the subtleties in the painting because it takes the gloss out of the oils a bit

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The home stretch !
Here's the last four for the upcoming exhibition started :

Still alot of work to do on these, with four weeks till the show !!

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