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Here's a few progress shots of a new Fremantle night scene that I started recently :

40x60cm, oil on linen,
It's coming along nicely - should be finished later this week

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I've just varnished a big cloudscape that I finished before the Japan trip, untitled as yet but I will update it here when I name it

This little photo doesn't show the scale of the piece ( andthe colour is way off ), it's 1m x 2m, oil on linen

A view of a late summer sunset standing on my roof looking to the west, the star is a little foil balloon ( a bit hard to see in this shot )

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I've finally finished the last of the 27 paintings for Riverlands Montessori Schools annual fundraising exhibition :

And here's a shot of all of them on the floor of the studio, a week or so to dry then I'll varnish the lot - delivery is 1st of September

I'll post the details of the exhibition closer to the date

No cupcakes for me for a while ...

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My painter friend Andy Kent is holding an exhibition of 15 recent works in the East Room of the town hall tonight ( next door to my studio ),
One night only, worth a look at a rare exhibition from this talented artist

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Here's the latest 9 paintings for the upcoming Riverlands Montessori school annual fundraiser :

Six to go, hopefully done by the end of this week ...

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I'm participating in a fundraiser for the Riverlands Montessori School next month, here's the first 12 paintings of 27 :

for the exhibition, 27 artists are supplied with 27 small canvasses each

So I decided to do these cupcake paintings.
Yes it means I get to slowly eat them as I work on each one !

Click the image to go to the Cubic 27 blog to find out more about the show - it is on the 27th of September and there's going to be a bunch of great art on display

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Finally varnished and framed my entry for this years Morawa Biennial Art Awards :

'Delphic Oracle, after John Collier'
Oils on linen
102 x 61.5cm

and here's the original that inspired it :

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I just got back to Perth from a quick 2 week break in Japan

This time staying at a friends house, much easier than a hotel !
The shot above is of an old castle in Odawara ( well that's just the gatehouse ), and below a shot of beautiful Yoyogi park

I still have to sort through 500 photos, missed the Yokohama Triennial ( damn they were still setting up the day we went ) but I managed to see "Looking east" a collection from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Time to get back to work !

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Until the 20th of July I have some pieces in a joint show at Elements Art Gallery, 131A Waratah Ave Dalkeith

Along with fellow artists Diana Johnston, Delma White, and my mortal enemy Peter Barker
The show focusses solely on Still Life paintings, and there are some great pieces in there - well worth a look
Click the image to go to Elements' website and find out more !

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I've yet to get the shots of the night from the photographer, but here's the images of all the paintings from the show.
All in all a great show, well received by everyone who attended, I haven't done a proper head count but it's over 150, so up on last year

The 2014 Studio Exhibition consisted of the following paintings, all 40x30cm ( or 30x40cm ... ).
All oils on linen this time :


'Best coffee in Freo' ( Sold )
cause it is !

'Afternoon tug'
just for Herbie

aah I can't remember the title, will fix tomorrow ..

'Boardwalk Belles'

'Eternal optimist'

and I cant remember the name of this one either !

'Last of the warm ones'
This one is part homage to my artist friend Andy Kent - he does alot of paintings of "discarded beer bottles in their natral environment",

The style / feel of it is part homage to another friend the well respected career oil painter Craig Boulter, who sadly passed away early this year

'The big wheel' ( Sold )

'The golden Fleece'
au revoir Elvis, Ítre joyeux

'The hopefuls'

'Navires dans la nuit'

'The conversation'

'Typical afternoon' ( Sold )

'The last glance' ( Sold )

A fair amount of these are still available for sale, $550 each, Enquiries welcome - use the contact link at top right

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