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Here's a quick little portrait I did today to try out the "French Cassel Earth" by Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors :

Just Cassel Earth (bitumen) and titanium white, it was fun to play around with but I think next time I will do a wash for the mid-tones and put in all the darks, let it dry then put the lights in afterwards by mixing white with it - it doesn't show in the photo but once a little white is added it goes really blue

A strange paint, I'm going to have fun experimenting with it

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My studio has just been added to the Fremantle Story website, a great site listing a huge amount of things to see and do around the port city

Hopefully I get a few more people through the studio !

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paint nerd warning ...

I just received some new paints from an order I did with my mortal enemy Peter Barker, not much this time but I'm pretty excited about one colour - Nickel Yellow from Williamsburg handmade Oil Colors

It's exactly what I'd wanted it to be, I hope I don't get a ddicted to it cause it aint cheap. My first try with PY 53 - Nickel Titanate,
A really nice highly pigmented lemon yellow

I also grabbed a couple tubes of Lukas 1862 Titanium white - my favourite white at the moment,
Michael Harding Ivory black and Manganese violet (cause I'm running out) and finally the tube of Michael Harding Prussian Blue that I've been meaning to try - it seems to have a tiny bit of a metallic sheen, that's to be expected with Prussian blue I suppose

Rounding off the order is another tube of Willaimsburg French Cassel Earth ( bitumen! ), so I've got a tube to play with in both studios, and a nice big fat tube of Richeson burnt Umber Cool - this stuff is alot cheaper and I'm really happy with the quality for big areas when I'm painting rocks and things

Peter as per usual ordered 5 tubes of brown paint, I'm going to start writing a novel about him called "50 shades of Burnt Umber"

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I've finally managed to upload a couple shots from the opening night of the Riverlands Montessori Schools' "Cubic 27" exhibition, that was on the 27th of September :

Hard to get a shot of all my paintings up on the wall, but they looked great hanging together finally !

The opening night was a blast, over 200 people viewing the work, then everyone waited outside until the bell was rung and they all rushed in and grabbed the paintings they wanted !
It was great to watch, an absolute frenzy of art-buying, everyone had a great time

Edit - Thanks to Sasha for sending through a better pic !

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Here is the start of one of the new big night paintings, from the study I posted earlier :

Just the underpainting at this point, I will darken the sky and water, then go over the black with chromatic black to give it more depth and colour
( although it shows up a bit lighter in this photo than it actually is )

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Another small night study :

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Another small night study :

Just playing around with colours and ideas for these new night ones at this point, but I'll be stretching up some big canvasses soon to get started on

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A new small portrait that I finished recently

and a few progress shots :

This is really just an underpainting, I'll glaze / cover most of this in the next pass,
I've started with my usual palette :
for the skin -
Manganese violet
Titanium white
eyes - a touch of ultramarine
mouth - a touch of permanent crimson added to the skin colours
and a bit of raw umber to start the hair
Below is the initial oil-transfer to make sure everything is in the right place :

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Here's a small study I did at the studio yesterday for the first one in a series of new night paintings :

I did it more just to play around with the colours a little, I think I'll do a few of these before diving into the actual paintings - I want these ones to be big !

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Another shot of the new Freo night scene - almost finished, I might add a few more people

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