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Another shot of the painting of Freshwater Bay :

I've done a fair bit of work on the water and sand in the last few days, it's almost there!

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another shot of the painting of Freshwater bay :

I've done alot more work on the sailboats and background to the left, a bit hard to see in this shot

Now, time for the fun part, all that water and reflections !!

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I've just finished eating the last of the seasons apricots fresh off the tree, so here's a little homage to them :

Both done alla-prima on small primed victorian ash wood panels, from the last apricot before I ate it, in my small shadow box

The orange is a strange mix - Old Holland "Scheveningen Orange" and Maimeri "Trinacria Orange",
The Trinacria (Benzimidazolone PO62) stopped the Old Holland orange from going pink when mixed with white like it usually does.
I may have added a little yellow but I can't remember, I painted these so quick!

I can still remember the flavour of the last apricot though, so I'm waiting impatiently for the next crop (one year to go...)

For those of you that garden - yes my crop of apricots is done way early - I have a "Divinity" variety that I've found goes great in the Perth climate, the two "Moorpark" variety trees that I have perform miserably - same condition but only 2 fruit on each every year.
Time to learn some grafting techniques...

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Saturday just gone was the first of our art markets - a HUGE thanks to everyone involved, from our wonderful stallholders, awesome helpers in the morning setting up, to the great line-up of musical performers we had on the day!

The threat of rain early on when setting up (at 6am!) didn't deter us, and with the help a few dedicated friends we got it all set up just as the first artists arrived to claim their spaces and set up their wonderful work.

With high praise from the Mayor of Fremantle for how well we all filled the disused space and brought it to life, we've been asked to hold another similar event in January in High street Mall just around the corner, plus some interest from City of Claremont!

All up we got about 500 patrons through on the day, and sales or not all the artists had a fun day, with some great networking in catching up between like-minded creative people.

So a big thankyou to everyone who made this event possible, and here's hoping the next one is bigger and better!

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Here's a couple shots of the start of a new commission I've been asked to do as a private schools gift to their retiring Principal :

It depicts Freshwater Bay in Mosman Park

It's nice to be doing a piece at night in the studio at home - a bit different to the painting time in the busy Fremantle studio!

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I've recently been organising a one day artists market, alot of work but it's getting pretty exciting - we've got a bunch of great artists and talented people onboard and it's shaping up to be a great day!

ArtMark 2014 is an exciting one-day artist run exhibition and marketplace on the 22nd of November 2014.
Held right in the heart of Fremantle's Queen St Precinct in Westgate which will come alive with over 20 self represented artist stallholders and local musicians displaying their talents directly to the public.

A wide variety of artwork including painting, jewelry and sculpture to suit all tastes and budgets will be on show, with many of the artists
working live on-site. Along with the amazing art on display will activities for the kids, live music and great food from Two Queens Street Food and coffee by Di Bella Coffee.

Come down between 10am - 5pm, meet the artists and enjoy the great atmosphere in this pop-up art bazaar.

Click the images to go to the page with all our other info and regular Feature Artist spots

Saturday the 22nd of November only, don't miss out!

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Another shot of the progress from the past few days in the studio of the new night painting :

Most of it is there, time for a lot of glazing once it's dry enough

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Trying out some of the new paints and one of the dry panels, not as slippery as I thought, actually it's quite absorbent probably because of the oil prime

I've coated a couple more with a layer of red oxide and some medium, we'll see if that makes any difference once they're dry

First try with Michael Harding Prussian Blue (nice) and Old Holland Green Earth (nice), but wow - the Williamsburg Nickel Yellow is great !

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I've recently found a source of Aluminium Composite Panel and just prepared a few ready to paint on - should be an interesting experiment :

I'm assuming it's going to be a bit more slippery than working on canvas board (obviously), even with the added tooth of the oil prime

I've done a fair bit of research and it looks like this painting surface is completely dimensionally stable - it's not going to warp, move, crack etc

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Another progress shot of the new night painting, it's a bit hard to get a good photo of it because it is so dark :

Alot of payers and blending to slowly build it up, but I am enjoying painting something a bit more vague and moody

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