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Here's another couple shots of the latest night scene I'm working on for a series :

Still alot of glazing to do, especially to darken that one a little

I can't wait to varnish these ones, it'll really make them pop. I've been using a wax medium though so they are taking ages to dry.

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The Art Market we ran on Saturday just gone was a huge success, a lot of work with the early setup but somewhere around 90% of artist stallholders sold work, wow what a great day !

16 different stalls showing a wide variety of art on the day, and so many people browsing.

The cafe owners we're very impressed so we'll definitely be using that venue again, stay tuned !

Click the images to go to the Events facebook page to check out more photos

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Saturday the 20th of December ROASTING WAREHOUSE at 312 South Terrace, South Fremantle will be home to our next pop-up gallery!!

Voted Number 1 Coffee in Perth by The West's "Good Food Guide", come on down for a great breakfast with a side of Original Art!

Over 10 Artists will have a wide range of styles & genres on display using our super-awesome patented pallet pop-up partitions.

Watch the Artists working live on-site between 8am - 1pm, enjoy an award winning coffee and grab that last minute Christmas gift!

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A new night scene on the big easel, finally !

This is just the underpainting really, blocking it in to get all the shapes in the right place, it's fun working a bit differently to the usual way I construct a painting.
(That's one of the little studies that I did a few weeks ago sitting above it on the easel for reference)

I pushed it a little more blue than in the study, but I think I've decided to push it back closer to the brown/pink/grey in the study (a bit hard to see colours properly in these little images on screen).

This is the second one in a body of work that's going in a joint exhibition with fellow oil painter Andy Kent,
We're aiming for somewhere around April for the show, but the decision on the date is way off at the moment - we just need to enjoy painting the pieces at this stage !

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Time to test out the pochade box

yep, it works !

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Here's a big pic dump of the "making of" photo's for the Pochade box I just built :

A coat of wax polish, and the leather strap added, time to figure out how to make the latch that holds it closed

Figuring out the placement of the latch

Now for some filing, I made it out of a little brass plate

More filing ....

Now for the support arms to stop the lid from falling backwards when it's open - I'm using the prototype light-holders from my big easel

putting it all together ...

Ready to go !!
I've added a tripod mount so I can take it out, we tried yesterday but it was overcast all morning then really windy all afternoon

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Another quick little portrait, this one is on a 8x12 inch panel :

This is my first real attempt at painting on the aluminuim composite panels, I've coated them with two coats of Oil Prime then a quick wash of red oxide oil

Alot more absorbant than I thought they would be, given the slick surface of the white coating baked onto the aluminium

I've substituted the Mineral Violet that I usually use for these little portraits for M.H Ivory Black, it still seems to make the shadow colour I'm aiming for without going too purple in the mixes

It's going to take some getting used to painting on this surface, but it looks like it'll force me to use thicker more decisive brushstrokes, which is what I'm aiming for anyway

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My artist friend Marion has recently returned from France and brought me a gift - a Sennelier "Aqua-mini" watercolour set :

Above is it in action, my first time using it, now I have no excuse - I have to learn how to use watercolours !

A quick little pen drawing then watercolour of my favourite street performers that play blues out the front of my studio every saturday.

Merci beaucoup Marion !

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I've recently spent a few days building myself a little pochade box for painting en plein air :

This one is made out of recycled Jarrah floorboard with Camphor panels (it smells great !)

Here it is before the wax polish I put on it,
It will be able to hold four 10x12 inch panels & mounts on a normal camera tripod (which had better arrive monday, I want to start using it!)

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Here's the finished commission piece that I've been working on lately :

'Morning light, Freshwater bay'
oils on linen 2014

clients are very happy !

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