New Cloudscapes on Display

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I've recently completed three new large format cloudscapes on specially prepared aluminium panels - A joy to paint on and I'm very happy with the results. Currently hanging at NEST Australian Design Studio, 20 Brook Road Darlington - Open Friday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

Recent plein-air paintings now available in shop

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Freshly back from a much needed holiday in Japan, I've just added all of my recent plein air pieces from late last year into my online Shop
Mostly depicting Fremantle, Melville & surrounds, these small pieces are all completed on-site (usually with heaps of onlookers and great comments!).

I'm getting into the swing of going out and painting at least once a week, so hopefully I'll be adding new pieces as they're completed. Great as a gift or for that little spot on your wall - all professionally & tastefully framed, these pieces are sure to bring joy on your wall for many years to come!

  • Cicerello's view Oil on aluminium $285

New print release – DINO BUBBLE ATTACK!!

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So happy to finally show off this piece - my homage to the classic arcade game Bubble Bobble - I spent hours upon hours bouncing these little dinosaurs around the screen in all their pixelated glory, frantically popping bubbles & madly collecting jewels and fruit!


I decided a few years ago to paint what it really felt like to us playing this game back then as kids, a bit of an indulgent painting for 'me'

So I set about a heap of research and planning then off I went!
I had a huge amount of fun painting this piece & really enjoyed adding all the little details that I remember from the game.

I've been holding off showing it off as I've been waiting for the stars to align, uh I mean my new website to be finished, good shots finally taken of it, and the prints to be released!!

Available in three sizes - 8x10 inch Art Print, 16x 20 inch Art Print and 36x44 inch Limited Edition of 100, hand signed and numbered by the artist on Hahnemuhle 310gsm mat Art paper - all available now in the SHOP

After all the detail I thought I may as well go the whole hog - a rare hand carved frame for the original - I individually carved all the little pixels then painstakingly painted it all.

Below are some progress shots I took over the months of work on it, it's hard to show the what goes into all the different layers when creating an oil painting like this, but all of it was a blast!! Definitely one of the most fun paintings I have ever done!

Above is the start of the piece, sketching it in with oils and figuring out the placement based on the initial drawings I did, then starting the black background. Usually I'll tone a canvas or board with an Indian Red wash but with this piece I was just too excited to get started. I spoilt myself and painted it on super quality portrait linen.

In the progress shots above I'm starting to get stuck in to the fun stuff - the Invaders at the top shooting their red lasers down & that terrifying Skel Monsta that appears if you don't wipe out the enemies quick enough (Hurry Up!), then on to the normal "Monsta" - I always thought they looked like purple whales so hey, it's my painting - it's a purple whale!

More detail more monsters, I definitely had to include the clockwork Zen-Chan / Bubble Buster robot - the staple bad guy of almost every level of the game, and those damn ghosts that throw rocks across the screen at you...

Then on to the heroes of the show - Bub and Bob the Dino's!! in their pixelated glory they had red hands and feet, so I naturally assumed it was blood from CRUSHING ALL THOSE ENEMIES!!!

I added a bunch of other stuff - the potion that turns the screen into candies, the umbrella that skips levels, the speed shoes and stop clock..

Ahh so many memories of screaming at the screen "quick quick quick!" with so many friends, we never ceased having fun with this game, doing this piece bought it all back & was so much fun to paint.

I get a real kick out of having the original hanging in my hall, it's odd but this is one of my paintings that I feel most proud of and most connected to (yes, it's for sale if the right price is thrown at me), and I always hear that music in my head every time I walk past it.....

I'll get around to doing more paintings of this nature in the future for sure!!

New painting video – River scene study

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Here's a little painting video I've just finished editing of an alla-prima study.

This is down on the Swan River outside the Mounts Bay Sailing Club, just west of Perth City.

Oil on aluminium panel, finished it in one sitting!

This piece is available for sale in my STORE

New prints available in the Shop

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I've got 6 new prints available in the Shop section, done from fun little duck paintings I did a few years ago - they're all Archival quality art print on 8×10 matte paper, $17.50 each plus shipping.

Which one is your favourite?

  • My big buddy 8x10 matte print $17.50 + shipping

New website, New blog!

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I've rebuilt my site over the last few nights, the old blog I've had for the last ten(?) years or so is archived here: Studio Blog Archive

The gallery is now functional for mobile devices & you can browse through a whole heap of works I've never put online - both older and newer stuff!

I've tinkered with the online store a bit and my Limited Edition prints are available there already,but I'll get the design right on the rest of the site before taking the time to add original pieces.