More oil paint..

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A photo of some Artists oil paintI just received some new paints from an online order I did recently, not much this time but I'm pretty excited about one colour - Nickel Yellow from Williamsburg handmade Oil Colors

It's exactly what I'd wanted it to be, I hope I don't get addicted to it cause it ain't cheap. My first try with PY 53 - Nickel Titanate, a really nice highly pigmented lemon yellow.

I also grabbed a couple tubes of Lukas 1862 Titanium white - my favourite white at the moment,
Michael Harding Ivory black and Manganese violet (cause I'm running out) and finally the tube of Michael Harding Prussian Blue that I've been meaning to try - it seems to have a tiny bit of a metallic sheen, that's to be expected with Prussian blue I suppose.

Rounding off the order is another tube of Willaimsburg French Cassel Earth ( bitumen! ), so I've got a tube to play with in both studios, and a nice big fat tube of Richeson burnt Umber Cool - this stuff is alot cheaper and I'm really happy with the quality for big areas when I'm painting rocks and things.