Small skull studies

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Here’s a couple quick little skull studies I did a week ago for something different.. The first one is 8×10″ oil on linen – very nice surface to paint on! The second is oil on Hungarian hemp this time hence … Continued


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My painter friend Andy Kent is holding an exhibition of 15 recent works in the East Room of the town hall tonight ( next door to my studio ), One night only, worth a look at a rare exhibition from … Continued

Quick small Onion paintings

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Here’s a couple small still life pieces I did on brown onions and garlic last week, put em up on ebay & sold already, maybe I should do more… ‘Onion and garlic’ 20x20cm Oil on Tasmanian oak panel ‘Brown onion … Continued

Large equestrian portrait

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Just to see if I can do it! Here’s some progress shots on the big horse painting I’ve been working on in the studio 1.25m x 1.65m, oils on linen First the red oxide tint to the linen, then I … Continued

Classic Lego Spacemen paintings

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Here’s three little paintings I did last night in a row of the good old classic lego spacemen! All are oils on triple-primed Tasmanian oak, around 25cm tall each, a nice size to work all quick and painterly. They’re all … Continued