Pochade box build

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I've recently spent a few days building myself a little pochade box for painting en plein air using recycled Jarrah floorboard with Camphor panels (it smells great !).

Here it is before the wax polish I put on it,
It will be able to hold four 10x12 inch panels & mounts on a normal camera tripod (which had better arrive monday, I want to start using it!)


A photo of the construction of an artists painting boxA coat of wax polish, and the leather strap added, time to figure out how to make the latch that holds it closed..

Below shows me first figuring out the placement of the latch, then some filing of a little brass plate to shape.

And finally the support arms to stop the lid from falling backwards when it's open - I'm using the prototype light-holders from my big easel.

All put together and eady to go !!
I've added a tripod mount so I can take it out, we tried yesterday but it was overcast all morning then really windy all afternoon, better luck tomorrow...