99 paintings of bottles of beer – Beer 3: Grolsch

The third painting in my 99 paintings of bottles of beer series !
This one is Grolsch :

From Wikipedia:
The Grolsch brewery was founded in 1615 in Groenlo. The town of Groenlo was then known as Grolle, hence the name Grolsch, meaning 'of Grolle'. Grolsch is best known for its 5% abv pale lager, Grolsch Premium Pilsner.

In the last beer painting I said I need to cut the number of colours down, so ofcourse I did the opposite - I squeezed out 13 for this one, oops.
The standout was the little sample tube of Williamsburg Viridian, wow, there goes my bank balance - what a paint (and what a price ..).

There's also a sample tube of Gamblin "Green gold" in there, I used that for the bottom half "full" bit of the beer bottle, first time I've used Gamblin, a bit transparent but I suppose this colour is supposed to be.

I don't like pilsner at all, and it was warm after I finished painting it, still not a bad beer and interesting that it was very orange compared to the last two.

96 to go ....