Small painting up for auction on eBay

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Another small one I did recently is up for auction now on eBay, this one is a little study of one of the spots I recently went painting en plein air, on the Swan River in Perth W.A.
I think this was in Mosman Park somewhere..

Framed, varnished and ready to hang, click the images to go to the Auction page

Plein air painting

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I got a chance to go out painting on the river again a few weeks ago, but the last two times we have planned to go it has been 38 degrees !!

This time I used the new painting box, it's got way more mixing area.
This is at the same little beach as last time though here I am facing up-river.

Plein air painting in North Fremantle

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With all the work going on organising the art markets, I've still found time to sneak off twice and do some plein-air painting with the pochade box I built. It is in desperate need of a clip-on cup holder to hold the solvent jar - that thing gets in the way the whole time.

I'm not sure if I did better the second time or not, I'm getting used to using the pochade box though - just in time for me to steal the paints out of it and use my new box tomorrow instead!