99 paintings of bottles of beer – Beer 8: Coedo ‘Ruri’ Pils

Beer number 8 in my 99 paintings of bottles of beer series - Coedo 'Ruri' Pils

Another Japanese one, this time a craft beer - a friend bought this for me on a recent trip over, we resisted the urge to drink it while he was here so I got to enjoy it after I painted it.

Don't know much about this one, it's from Coedo Brewery in Japan (Kyodo Shoji Koedo Brewery) and is 5% ABV

A bit of a cloudy almost wheat-beer, below is it all set up ready to go :

Ten colours this time, not bad.
The Art Spectrum Permanent Mauve turned out to be a perfect colour match for the label, other than that I could have probably done without the Raw Umber & maybe mixed it from the red umber, paynes grey and raw sienna light I guess,
but it's a toss-up between my weird urge to use less paints and the fact I need to paint them quick cause I'm filming.