99 paintings of bottles of beer – Beer 10: Lucky Buddha Beer

Beer number 10 in my 99 paintings of bottles of beer series - Lucky Beer, or depending on where you purchase it - "Lucky Buddha Enlightened Beer"
With a name like that, and a bottle like that, I had to do it...

And below - here we go ready to paint, third one for the night so the palette is a bit of a mess.
Incidentally, I'm painting all these on aluminium panel, which I prepare with one coat of 3in1 all purpose metal primer, then one coat of Oil Prime, then wash with a red oxide.

Eleven colours this time, but I had to push around a bit to capture the different greens and reflections in the green, I was also trying to kick my newfound (potentially expensive) addiction to viridian.

That Lefranc Transparent Indian Orange has become my go-to colour for both the darkness of the actual beer, and the majority of the paper bag area, a very useful paint.
First time I've actually used the Old Holland Phthalo blue ( well they call it Sheveningen blue) even though I've had the tube for a while - a bit weak for a phthalo, but maybe thats a good thing? I'll have to play around with this paint a little bit more.

Ten down, 89 to go!!

gan bei!