Progress shot – night scene

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A progress photo of an unfinished night painting on an artists easelA new night scene on the big easel, finally !

This is just the underpainting really, blocking it in to get all the shapes in the right place, it's fun working a bit differently to the usual way I construct a painting.
(That's one of the little studies that I did a few weeks ago sitting above it on the easel for reference).

I pushed it a little more blue than in the study, but I think I've decided to push it back closer to the brown/pink/grey in the study (a bit hard to see colours properly in these little images on screen).

This is the second one in a body of work that's going in a joint exhibition with fellow oil painter Andy Kent,
We're aiming for somewhere around April for the show, but the decision on the date is way off at the moment - we just need to enjoy painting the pieces at this stage !